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VIRUS REMOVAL: Mobile phone virus removal becomes a business
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Friday, 27.08.04 - 13:39:49 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 18721x
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Over the last few months we've heard of viruses developed as Proof of Concept. Not really meant to do any harm nor intended to spread into the wild, these Proof of Concept viruses are supposed to be non-lethal. There were several that were developed, one for the Windows Mobile platform and one for the Series 60 Symbian platform. The one that is spreading right now is the one for the Series 60 Symbian platform called "Caribe."

Apparently, the "Caribe" virus has been released into the wild here in the Philippines. And while it really takes a careless person to really get this thing installed into a device, it seems that a lot are falling victim to it. Some have used it as a prank and have spread it to unknowing Series 60 owners as "a new game". Nasty indeed. But it seems that another group of people have actually taken advantage of the non-techies who are ignorant about the Proof of Concept "Caribe" installer.

You can find more information about it in Inq7.Net and in Infosyncworld.

While a simple deletion is all that is needed, people are now charging as much as PhP500.00 to PhP1,000.00 a pop for virus removal. That's about US$9.00 to about US$18.00 for a simple solution that costs nothing.

This brings into mind the other Proof of Concept virus which was developed for the Windows Mobile platform. Will Microsoft's Application Signing be a deterrent for such malicious intentions?

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo


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Posted by bnycastro on 04.09.04 - 10:29:20

Welcome to the Philippines...hehehe I'm not surprised at all that people are charging for this! Actually some of my friends got their Nokia 6600's infected and they gave me a call since I am the barkada techie... Good thing I've already read about this a few weeks before it went wild or I would have told him to go to GH and have his phone reflashed :wink:

Posted by Arne Hess on 04.09.04 - 13:20:40

@bnycastro: Have their phones reflashed... hehehe that's so evil!!! :twisted:


Posted by alhilu on 07.09.04 - 09:38:47

Ok, but how to remove it...

Posted by jayson on 07.09.04 - 10:50:00

Caribe can be easily removed by a file manager app.
Reflashing the phone software is not necessary.

Posted by eugene on 06.10.04 - 08:50:23

[4] Not so easy on some phones that may have been affected for a while.  I was able to remove on one phone but on another, it required going to makati cinema to have it reset, (is thta the same as reflashing?) Bothe were 6600's.

Posted by syd on 08.10.04 - 11:09:59

anyone here know where to get a free file manager app. for nokia 7610? please try to post it here. thanks

Posted by freeman on 11.11.04 - 04:46:48

[1] Kaspersky Labs has developed a utility to remove Cabir.a from infected handsets.

The utility will detect and delete the worm from Nokia 3650 and 6600, and Siemens SX1 handsets. It is also designed to work on Nokia N-Gage and Sony Ericsson P900 handsets, but it has not been tested on these handsets.

The utility can be found on the WAP site It can be downloaded either directly from the WAP site or via the Internet by following the link

How to use the utility:
upload the installation file, decabir.sis, to the handset, and launch it.
choose the Decabir icon in the main menu
if the handset is not infected, the message 'Device is clean' will be displayed.
if the handset is infected, the message 'Cabir has been removed. Please reboot' will be displayed. You should now switch your handset off and on again.

Posted by steve baggaley on 15.11.04 - 00:18:54

[7] thank you so much and God bless

Posted by steve baggaley on 15.11.04 - 00:23:15

how can i reload my opera and print files back into my 6600 now caribe has gone please

Posted by LeRoi on 18.11.04 - 13:33:54

thanks for the info 'bout caribe. now i have my tech project big_smile

Posted by Moxi on 22.11.04 - 17:59:01

[7] Hi, Freeman, I tryied to install this link to my Nokia7610, & the phone gave me this msg (feature not supported)... I think that the link u provided will work on some & not all phone's. So how can i get rid of this virus on my 7610???? :cry:

Posted by emmanuel on 06.12.04 - 10:24:03

i want u to send me software for t6he erasing of virus from nokia 3650 mobile phone.

Posted by pramod on 16.12.04 - 04:30:25

please advice the removal of caribe virus

Posted by Sami on 22.12.04 - 00:20:56

[1] How can I get rid of this virus it is spreading here in Sudan and I really need help

Posted by SISTUS on 22.12.04 - 11:26:14


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