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VOICE COMMAND: Microsoft allows you to control your Pocket PC by voice
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Wednesday, 05.11.03 - 20:07:16 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9576x
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Microsoft unveiles its first voice-controlled software for Windows Mobile™-based Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition. Microsoft® Voice Command allows consumers to experience effortless, speaker-independent, hands-free voice interaction with their phone, contacts, calendar and digital music while on the go.

Voice Command uses Microsoft's next-generation phonetic speech-recognition technology, the result of 10 years of research, to make speech interaction simple, intuitive and practical. While most voice-controlled software applications today require people to deliver unnatural and prerecorded verbal commands, Voice Command allows them to use natural language to go directly to what's most important in a matter of seconds. The following key features are provided in Voice Command:

  • Voice-controlled hands-free phone. Whether in the car, at the airport or walking down the street, people will enjoy true hands-free phone conversations without ever having to manually dial a number. They can simply say any name from their contact list. For example, they might say "Call Bob Smith," or they could give a number, saying for example, "Dial 555-1212."
  • Voice-controlled calendar lookup. Checking appointments has never been easier. Regardless of location, consumers can simply ask their Pocket PC, "What's my next appointment?" or "What's my calendar?" and the time, subject and location of each entry will be read aloud.
  • Voice-controlled Windows Media® Player. Now voice commands can be used as a virtual remote control to select and play music by album, artist or genre so people won't be fumbling for CDs or scrolling through a long list of songs. Consumers can also simply say, "Play music," using Voice Command as their personal disc jockey.
  • Voice-controlled application launcher. Consumers can open Pocket PC applications with ease using natural voice cues to launch any program, including Internet Explorer, Outlook® Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, games and Calculator. For example, a consumer can say "Start Solitaire," and let the games begin.

Microsoft® Voice Command is available from the Microsoft-Handango page for $39.95. See the Flash demo here.

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Posted by Danny Newman on 06.11.03 - 14:41:04

Looks tempting, have you tried it with XDA II and bluetooth headset?

Only had the II a week and very impressed with it. Many improvements, the most important for me being a better radio stack. Not many dropped lines now the old XDA was pants (can I say that?)

Posted by cheekymonkey on 06.11.03 - 22:34:49

I've tried it with the xda 2 and it soooo rocks! It builds up a vocabulary of what's on it.... "Play, The Chemical Brother", "Call Natalie at work".

Definately worth the money.

Posted by Adamz on 07.11.03 - 04:13:27

It works with a Bluetooth headset on the XDA 2!? Does it work with the voice command button on the Bluespoon for example?  That's Beautiful!!  I'm so there!

Posted by xtine2k3 on 07.11.03 - 05:38:03

Hey Carlo, I wonder if this can also work for typing text messages by just dictating the whole message. I'm from the Phils and you know how important SMS here is.

Posted by Carlo on 07.11.03 - 08:53:49

@xtine2k3: Well it works pretty well. It will read you your appointments and things like that but it won't take down dictations.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by pete on 08.11.03 - 08:27:12

apparently Microsoft is only selling this program in US and Canada! I have tried to purchase this via Handango but am told there is an error and Microsoft is restricting sale to Europe. Anyone know whether they will release the software in UK - want to use on my XDAII.

Posted by cheekymonkey on 08.11.03 - 12:13:19

I bought it from Handango and, as my profile there says, I'm from the UK. Go figure. I did get it as soon as it was out so maybe the restrictions weren't in place then.

As far as I'm concerned it's now must have software for my xda 2. (Especially with the new laws on driving and mobi


Posted by MrGadget on 31.12.03 - 02:41:46

Hi Guys, I tried Voice Command on XDA II but it's not working...did you guys do anything special?  When I pressed the voice command button, I hear the noise but no Mic icon as the manual!

Posted by Russell King on 10.01.04 - 03:30:50

trying the 1 day trial on my xda ii. does anyone know how to get the voice dialling to work with a Plantronics M3000 bluetooth headset?

Posted by Rayan on 24.02.04 - 20:10:20

Hey Russell, I have the MDAII, MS Voice Command and Plantronics M3000 working in harmony!!!

Just make sure you have your XDAII and Headset paired and working then when you say i.e. "Dial 555-55555" the phone will transfer the call to the Headset... It will not pick-up your commands from the headset, you still need to be close to the XDAIIs microphone so it will pick your commands.

Best regards,


Posted by aZooZa on 04.03.04 - 19:48:55

Any sign of this being available in the UK yet? I want it on my i-mate!

Posted by adam white on 27.03.04 - 22:09:29

Does MVC work with XDA II and Bluetooth Headset Jabra BT200? If it doesnt work via bluetooth then its pointless. Anyone?

Posted by Adrian Challinor on 17.05.04 - 14:39:31

Well, I have MC VC and it works - hmm, well enough. It's good at finding names and calling them (it has a problem with some names though). Whats REALLY disappointing is that I cant get the Bluetooth headset to activate a VC. Thats a big downer and surely one that needs to be addressed. This is on a SouthWing NeoVoice. Very interested if anyone else does have this working on their headset.

Posted by FGO on 22.06.04 - 23:50:37

Anyone have a link to the one day demo please? All the links I've tried appear to have removed the demo. What are MS playing at here? Alienating the UK and other non-US English speaking markets?

Posted by sam on 02.07.04 - 15:01:52

Is it possible to change the independent Female speaker to Male speaker in Pocket pc Voice command

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