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WEIRD: The E200 doesn't works as Bluetooth modem with PPCs but with Notebooks
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 01.12.03 - 13:48:13 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 11570x
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Since the HTC Voyager were released as Orange SPV E200 there are a lot of discussions about how to use it as a Bluetooth modem for Pocket PCs and Notebooks.
The charm of having a Bluetooth enabled mobiles phone is for sure to connect it with other devices and accessories and one of the most important usage patterns might be using a Bluetooth enabled cell phones as a wireless modem for Bluetooth enabled Pocket PCs and Notebooks.

As I've already explained in my previous thought "FIRST HAND: Bluetooth experiences with the HTC Voyager aka Orange SPV E200" I was able right after the installation to use my Notebook/Anycom Bluetooth/HTC Voyager to connect to the Internet:

After these disappointing experiences I continued with the Notebook setups and these experiences was a much better.

For the tests I've used both - my actual Sony Notebook with Windows XP and my old Sharp Notebook with Windows 98. As the Bluetooth card I used the Anycom Bluetooth PC card with the latest drivers.

Bonding both - the Notebooks with the Smartphone worked like charm too and I've continued to setup a dial-up connection (the latest Anycom driver includes a pretty good GPRS wizard so I wasn't forced to enter the APN connection string by hand). Again I switched Bluetooth on and simply pressed connect on the Notebook. Within seconds the Smartphone dialed and connected to the O2 GPRS network!
When I was trying services like HTTP, SMTP/POP3 and Ping all of them worked.

This generated a lot of interests how I did it which I want to explain a little bit more detailed now.

For my tests I've used my old Sony Vaio PCG-C1XD running Windows XP Home Edition, Anycom Blue PC Card (from the first series and not manufactured anymore), Anycom's latest PC card drivers and the PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2 with a very early (and not finished) ROM.

First I've installed the Anycom driver and Card Wizard on my Notebook and the latest Wizard is a pretty convenient one. After the installation you get a menu item called "Mobiltelefon" (cell phone - sorry, for any reason the Anycom Wizard didn't installed in English but German only on my Notebook).

Selecting "Mobiltelefon" starts the pairing with an available Bluetooth enabled cell phone.
But before pairing starts and this makes the wizard so convenient, you are asked for the connection type you want to use with your Bluetooth card and cell phone:

By default the wizard already includes some preconfigured connection types like my O2 Germany GPRS connection. However - you can also add the APN by yourself. Now the wizard search's for available Bluetooth cell phones:

The Anycom card recognizes the Smartphone and adds it as a DUN (DialUp Network) device to its list as well as it creates a shortcut on your desktop.

Dialing a GPRS Connection
Double click this shortcut and you get the normal Windows XP Dialup Networking interface:

And now it becomes interesting! The Smartphone doesn't includes Bluetooth in the list of available Modem Links but serial, infrared and USB only.

Therefore I also thought it wouldn't work but I just clicked "Dial" on my Notebook - just with Bluetooth activated on the Smartphone and without any Modem Link selected.
The result were that the Notebook connected to the Internet a couple of seconds later. :?

And to be honest - I have no clue why it works like that. However, when I've verified if I was really connected all tests confirmed it:

Great and so far so good! Now I was able to use my Notebook to connect to the Internet via Bluetooth using my PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2 and I rethought why it isn't working with my Pocket PCs. Therefore I decided to try the Anycom CF version with my iPAQ H5400 running Windows Mobile 2003 instead the original build-in HP Bluetooth module.

Anycom provides the same Bluetooth Wizard for Pocket PCs - including this "Mobiltelefon" function which lets you select and configure your network on the Pocket PC like I did with my Notebook but surprisingly this isn't working at all!? Like with the original Bluetooth module the Smartphone2 doesn't dial nor it indicates a connection between both devices!

Honestly I don't have a clue why it is working with the Anycom card on the Notebook but not with the same card and wizard on my Pocket PCs. For me it seems like the dialup integration on a Pocket PC is different then with Windows XP. For sure I will forward this experiences to Microsoft and I hope they will be able to explain this behavior.  I'm on wits' end. :-(

I wonder how others were able to dial a GPRS connection from their Pocket PCs using a SPV E200 like several sites reported in the past. For me and others it's impossible to do.

Cheers ~ Arne


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