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WIRELESS: LG to release a new wireless Pocket PC device
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 18.10.03 - 12:00:05 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6014x
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Korean LG Electronics recently revealed their new wireless Pocket PC at ITU Telecom World 2003. The device is announced to includes a built-in 1.1 megapixel camera and uses a slider design to accommodate a traditional numeric keypad.

Beside this the features are more or less Pocket PC characteristic with a 400Mhz XScale CPU and 192MB of storage (which seems to mean 128MB RAM and 64MB ROM).
It also includes a memory card slot and has IrDA and USB ports. It uses a pretty small 2.8 inch 262,000 color TFT LCD (an xda uses a 3.5 inch screen and an iPAQ H5000 uses even 3.8 inch screens).

According to MobileBurn it is scheduled to be released into the Korean market at the end of this year.

The LG SC8000

I got two thoughts when I saw the device and the announcement:

  • On the photo above you see Pocket PC 2002 instead of Windows Mobile 2003, okay - this might be because it is still in developing but I haven't noticed the antenna symbol in the top bar which is typically for Pocket PC Phone Edition devices!
  • I hope, if LG is releasing this device, they will do it more seriously then before - with their first introduction of Windows CE based Handheld devices.
    Some years ago I owned a LG Phenom Express (H220C32) Handheld PC which was a great H/PC but unfortunately LG decided to stop every support from yet to now and I wasn't able to buy any Windows CE upgrades or accessories for it anymore. That was a real bad experience I made with them!

Since it will be released first in Korea (Korea doesn't have any GSM networks but CDMA) it will takes some days to see it in the rest of the world too - if LG decides to bring out a GSM version anyway. So far nothing was announced about that.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by OTG on 18.10.03 - 16:43:19

Dear Arne,

I told you it was a PPC and not Smartphone!!. But nobody seems to listen to me.

Your "good" source may have misslead you. May be on purpose, may be not. Some times they "sources"  do that, to keep the interested public even more interested. And at the same time keep the competition guessing.

All in all, it seems to be a good ppc.

Posted by Arne Hess on 18.10.03 - 17:05:46

@OTC: Yes, you was right - my respect to you!

I/my source failed this time but well, that's the business. Sometimes you hit the nail sometimes not... :-) This time I failed it :oops: but this happens anyway...

Regarding the device: yes, it seems to be a good one, even if I wonder how useful the 2.5 inch screen is as a touch-screen but on the other hand this allows LG to deliver a PPC based smart phone which shouldn't be larger then a Smartphone.

I would definitely like to see and test it. OTG - do you have any contacts to LG here since you seem to be well informed as well? ;-)

Posted by OTG on 18.10.03 - 21:40:33

I know nothing, I see nothing, I here nothing!!

Anything I see or do may be used against

me in a court of law.

Posted by Lee Vermont on 19.10.03 - 03:43:24

See nothing , hear nothing, speak nothing. haha. What i want to know is will there be an XDA 2 killer?  I'm so waiting for the XDA 2.

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.10.03 - 13:36:00

@Lee Vermont: Depends on what you expect. The xda II has for sure a larger screen, Bluetooth and is triple band!

So far it's even not sure if we will see the LG released with GSM anyway... So as much I would like to see the device above released in rest of the world as a GSM device today I only know that the xda II is real!

Posted by John Park on 20.10.03 - 02:55:54

Hi all,

I am a fan of PPCW and this is the first post I made.. (and my apologize for my bad english as it isn't my first language...)..

PDA SC8000, which is a model name for the device above, is technically not a 'POCKET PC PHONE' as far as I concern.

You also have noticed that there is not an antenna symbol, because it has a separate OS to be working as a mobile phone as well as Pocket PC 2002 OS to be working as a Pocket PC and it is not 'PHONE EDITION'!!.

OS can be swithced from one to the other by hardware button or softeware.

I think LG decided to do this because to adopt exsisting their mobile services. (LG is one of the biggest mobile carrier provider in Korea).

There are a lot of pictures of the device at the following link. You will understand what I tried to say...

Posted by John Park on 20.10.03 - 02:58:12

and I forgot to insert the link yikes ( I told you it was the first post!!)

Posted by MarcTGFG on 20.10.03 - 15:46:59

It seems to have Bluetooth integrated (shows the configuration screens)

it also says something about Wifi.


I want a GSM or 3G-version.

Posted by MarcTGFG on 20.10.03 - 15:49:58

I just did a little bit of extrapolating in Photoshop with one of the pictures of the LG SC8000.

Since it was photographed almost exactly from front these numbers should be pretty reliable:

Screen: 42,7 x 56,5 mm (width x height)

Body: 57 x 105 x 24 mm (width x height x depth) 59 mm wide with protusion of camera

Body with extended keypad: 142 mm

Still this is VERY small for a PPC!

Now compare this to the dimensions of the Nokia 7650 smartphone, the most sold smartphone in Europe:

Screen: 35 x 41 mm (MUCH smaller!)

Body: 56 x 113 x 24 mm (1 mm less in width, 8 mm larger in height!)

Body with extended keypad: 157 mm (15 mm LARGER than LG)

Thats quite astonishing to have such a large screen (compared to smartphomnes) in such a small package.

Also: Is that a flesh next to the camera or is it a mirror?

Not shiny enough for something metallic like a mirror I would say.

Give me a GSM version and I'm sold!

Still a concern to me: Screen protection (where is the flip cover?)

Stand by and talk times (Battery capacity?)

Arne: Das hört sich fast zu gut an, um wahr zu sein. Noch besser wärs, wenn Du das Gerät in einer PPCW-Special-Version verkaufen würdest! :-)

Posted by John on 20.10.03 - 16:49:34


read this

it says 110* 58*24mm

Posted by Thanx John on 20.10.03 - 17:35:25

You are right, I was wrong by 5 mm in height, but everything else almost exactly right. Photoshop is an amazing tool :-)

This unit is still smaller that Nokia 7650. Could be a huge success in europe, but not if it comes out in 2005...

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.10.03 - 17:40:49

@MrcTGFG: I've corrected the the original link from John by hand and deleted the other postings - okay?

Posted by John Park on 21.10.03 - 02:21:01

Also: Is that a flesh next to the camera or is it a mirror?

answer to that is : yet it is a flesh but battery will go flat after a few shots... (represtentative said at exhibition)

and there is NO intergrated Bluetooh and WiFi.... (configuration screen shows the setting but if you cliked on that you will see an error message that says "there is no Bluetooh device". LG says due to its size there was no enough space to put them all... and maybe next version would have them.

Posted by MarcTGFG on 21.10.03 - 20:30:43

John, do you know if the SD slot is SDIO capable? And did you hear anything about a release outside asia and maybe a gsm or european UMTS version?

No bluetooth is very disappointing :-((

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.10.03 - 20:40:40

@MarcTGFG: UMTS/3G isn't that important at all (which carrier you want to use in Germany today) but even more important is: will there be a GSM/GPRS version available - soon? (and will it be triple band?).

No Bluetooth is in fact disappointing and makes it less interesting for me!

LG - please hear our words... ;-) Bring out a GSM/GPRS triple band version with Bluetooth to the market!

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