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WIRELESS: Seamless network roaming between W-LAN and GPRS
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 19.04.02 - 16:39:00 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6104x
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Intel presented a very impressive roaming showcase on the Mobility Developer Conference in London, a seamless roaming technology which enables you to roam between GPRS and W-LAN.

They've used an iPAQ H3870 for this showcase which was connected with GPRS through Bluetooth and an Ericsson mobile phone, in addition it was also connected through a CF card with the Intel W-LAN. An application took all the time the strongest signal - in that case W-LAN because the Access Point was located behind the iPAQ - for Internet access. If you switched off the Access Point, the application, provided by a Swedish company, moved the access to the other available connection - in that case the Internet connection.
Connected to both
networks in parallel
The switch from the
W-LAN connection to GPRS

Today, the program doesn't took the cheapest available connection type but this isn't a problem at all to implement, but that there are already applications available which switches seamless between different network types is fantastic. Imagine to leave the, with W-LAN covered, company area and jump into the car and your Pocket PC automatically switches from W-LAN to the available GPRS network. That's fantastic, also or specially later for 3G networks!

Cheers ~ Arne